Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

shoots for Dazed & Confused’s February 2010 edition. Love the Viktor & Rolf wardrobe!

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

Magdalena Frackowiak by Josh Olins

  • Mel

    The clothes are beautiful. The models, sickly. Please feed them.

  • Shannon

    I quite agree, Mel.

  • Ellen Conner

    The sleevedress looks like something Gaga wore.

  • the short lady

    Feed the girl a sandwich!

  • Zachary Cameron

    One sandwich, coming up!

  • Eric

    I think the models are gorgeous. Don’t hate them because you can’t stop eating like a pig.

  • D

    It has nothing to do with eating like a pig, and more to do with just plain eating, period. A leaf of lettuce and a slice of apple doesn’t constitute as a meal.

  • Zachary Cameron

    Ok everyone lets play nice =)

  • danky

    Over eating has nothing to do with this. A women should have a slight bit more weight to her. Maybe no look as flat chested? And besides a women that thin can hardly ever even give birth; that isn’t healthy. If you’re so skinny you can’t birth, whether want to or not, it’s sick

  • rff

    It’s all the same model… Magdalena Frackowiak
    And yes, she is very skinny and also beautiful. She’d still be beautiful if she wasn’t so skinny.

  • sir jorge

    those are quite the interesting set of photos

  • avisioncame

    I think everyone in the US is wearing Big Mac goggles. Leave the country, and realize you live in the most obese civilization known to man.

  • locknessy

    Florence Welch wore that last dress in her Hurricane Drunk music video. It’s absolutely stunning!

  • ktothebo

    this is absolutely beautiful!! i feel so inspired right now!! the photograph,model, and the clothes are amazing!

  • Buk
  • S.

    These are beautiful! But this model is WAY too thin! I’m 5’6″ and 113 lbs, but this is ridiculous.. She doesn’t have an ounce of body fat on her! That can’t be good for you..

  • Lk
  • Erin Elizabeth

    I positively love all of these but the third photo is absolutely breathtaking <3

  • Chris

    Want to make the show more of an experience? How about having models that weigh over 2oz. so they look HUMAN! This is nauseating. Looking like starving Ethiopians is NOT glamorous.

  • Maireadlee

    She doesn’t look too thin at all to me.  She and I share a similar physique, and I exercise, eat healthily, and have never even thought about going on a diet.  She might appear too thin to you because models are often photoshopped to appear taller than life, and her height therefore might seem disproportionate to her weight.

  • Millie

    Blatantly photoshopped model. Don’t blame the model, blame the media and artist who photographs someone and then decides to alter them.

  • Bailey

    i eat a balanced, healthy diet. i’m 5’9″ and a half and i’m 17, almost 18 years old. i look exactly like these girls and i’m extremely fit and toned. i play sports and eat healthy so that makes me sickly? stop being so cross-judgemental. these girls are actually fine looking. maybe they’re not the new ‘average’ american size, but not all girls are average. just as some are above average, some are below average. i weigh 116 lbs. and it’s fine. stop judging just by some photos.

  • Designer Sarees

    not a fan of the hair and makeup but the gowns are so fun


  • Mohamina21

    the dresses are ugly and the models are sick maybe it was the photoshop

  • UninspiredRequiredName

     I think it’s more that they’re concerned and less that they hate them. Personally I think that they look like they never hit puberty. They have no curves and are seriously lacking any true feminine qualities. That’s just my opinion though, and I’m not saying that you’re wrong, just trying to point out that people have different opinions and there’s no need to lash out just because you don’t share the same opinion.

  • Guest

    STOP TALKING ABOUT THE MODELS.  Being this thin may be beautiful to them and you’re just making them feel about about it so stop.

  • Niko

    spectacular!!! Wow!

  • grac

    there are lots of different body types, and i’m sick of skinny girls being called out for being unhealthy. these girls aren’t emaciated. what right do we have to judge them for their body type?

  • t

    why is the conversation about the model’s physique? It should be about the art of the photography and extreme distress of the dresses.
    no one body type is the right type, we all vary in shapes in sizes. just because the majority of north america is over-weight does not mean thin is unhealthy.

  • H.

    Alright, I get the whole “they’re too skinny” thing but I know a lot of people who look like this, tall and skinny who don’t have eating disorders and actually eat more than I do. I feel bad for them sometimes when people body shame skinny people. Some people have higher metabolisms. I’m sorry if this is an unpopular opinion.