Photographer Spotlight: Joseph Tran

Photographer Spotlight: Joseph Tran

Joseph Tran is a fashion photographer working out of Los Angeles and New York, represented by Next Management.

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Photographer Spotlight: Brooke Nipar

Photographer Spotlight: Brooke Nipar

Brooke Nipar is a photographer working out of New York and Los Angeles, represented by DR Photo Management.

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Photographer Spotlight: Akila Berjaoui

Photographer Spotlight: Akila Berjaoui

Akila Berjaoui is a photographer working out of Sydney, Australia.

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Photographer Spotlight: Roman Gorchakov

Photographer Spotlight: Roman Gorchakov

Roman Gorchakov is a photographer working out of New York.

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Photographer Spotlight: Richard Avedon

(May 15, 1923 – October 1, 2004) was an American photographer. He was the American photographer. There is very little I can write here that can adequately explain how talented or influential Richard Avedon was. He was a photographer, yes, but what he did behind the camera was so much greater than that.

Richard saw in photography it’s ability to capture the soul and personality of its subjects. He was a master at being able to capture something tangible and real about his subjects, even if it was something the [...]

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Photographer Spotlight: Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld (1897 – 1969) was a German born American photographer who worked primarily in the world of Fashion. Undoubtedly one of the most influential fashion photographers of the early 20th century, Blumenfeld’s work helped to bring about a new level of creative artistry to the photographic medium.

Despite no formal connections to surrealism, heavy influences from the  movement are readily apparent in the majority of Blumenfeld’s work (which is unsurprising, given the movement’s popularity during the time). Unfortunately, while most people are familiar with the surrealist art work and photography of Man Ray, Blumenfeld’s name is not nearly as well [...]

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Photographer Spotlight: Guy Bourdin

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was perhaps the single most important photographer in the history of fashion photography. As a protégé of the legendary Man Ray, Bourdin made huge waves in the fashion world with his seductive, provocative, and at times violent imagery. His work is often credited with being the first to bring a real narrative to the world of fashion photography, something that now seems almost intrinsic to the medium.

In 1955, Bourdin took a job at Vogue Paris–a job that he held until 1987–working alongside the great .


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Photographer Spotlight: Kathryna Hancock

Kathryna Hancock is a photographer working out of Las Angeles, California. This lovely shoot features models Olivia Fox and Chelsea Miller. You might remember Kathryna from her shoot with Nicole Fox.

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Photographer Spotlight: Alvaro Puentes

I am absolutely in love with the work of Alvaro Puentes. Working out of Chile, Alvaro says he is inspired by people and the beauty he finds in everyday life. Interestingly, Alvaro also tells us that he hates being regarded as an artist; “I think I’m just a photographer. I love fire, I love women, and I have a very political-punk vision of the world.” Sounds fantastic. As a side note, the series is back.

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