We’re On Instagram!

Just a quick note to alert you to our new instagram account: or @touchpuppet. Have a nice weekend!

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The Cowl

I got a new fashion toy the other day (you can see me in it above). Go check it out over at Stylegrad.

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Zachary’s Style Guide: #2

The second installment of my Style Guide is now available over at Stylegrad.

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Zachary’s Styleguide : #1

I’ve started a ‘styleguide’ over at our sister site, Stylegrad. Check it out if you’re interested and let me know what you think.

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Cultriot 2010

Cultriot 2010

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I Got A Haircut

It’s a slow Tuesday.

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I’m Back!

We just got back into town today from our road trip. Sorry for the downtime! Expect touchpuppet to resume regular service by tomorrow. Of course I’ll also make an update about the trip soon so stay tuned for that.

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Picture 4

Touchpuppet Paparazzi

While the boy half of Touchpuppet endures treacherous driving conditions (snow, Manhattan) & samples fine food from Texas to Canada the girl half stays behind to sell & create at her job. At the end of an early & long day she was snapped by writer & street style photographer Allison Bagley for The Inside Source, eBay’s new blog-of-sorts.

Read the rest of the interview and view the other Houstonians she snapped here.

Truth be told, I was not window shopping, I was rushing home for a nap.

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Touchpuppet Roadtrip

Touchpuppet Roadtrip

Just a reminder that we are leaving tomorrow afternoon for our road trip. I’ll update touchpuppet as often as possible and I’ll have daily trip updates on our facebook page and on twitter. Hit us up if you’re in any of the towns we’re visiting!

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